MLS® Benefits

for Buyers

Information Consolidation Buyers (customers) will be able to access only one source of reliable and secure information, backed up by ACOBIR. consolidates all Panamanian Real Estate offers. Buyers will be able to search for properties as they currently do through different websites. The benefits are to avoid duplication of information and to be able to contact a Real Estate Agent guaranteed and supported by ACOBIR.

The most complete Real Estate offers at your service MLS® guarantees you access to the most complete Panamanian Real Estate offers. It consolidates all active properties in a single database. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a property, through MLS® you will have access to a wide offer of properties, including important market information, making it easier to find the ideal property.

Representation of a Real Estate Broker and guarantee professional management Buying or renting a property is a long and complicated process in which time is invested and different people are involved. Do not invest more time and money in the pursuit of owning or renting your dream property, contact one of ACOBIR's specialized Realtors to represent you and act on your behalf through the buying or rental process. Your process will be channeled through a single representative, who is a trained and accredited by ACOBIR and who will act on your behalf.

Market Transparency and Security MLS® holds a historic database of property sale prices which makes it easier for the buyer to determine the price the market is willing to pay for a specific property. This makes the inmobiliary market transparent and dynamic.

Agent Specialization The MLS® business model enables Real Estate Brokers to only work with either sellers (owners) or buyers (customers), according to their competitive skills.

Representation of an Independent Agent The MLS® business model allows buyers (customers) as well as sellers (owners) to be represented through by a known and trusted ACOBIR Realtor through the whole sales process. This creates trust and confidence in the market and facilitates negotiations that lead to a sale.

Statistics and Reporting The MLS® database has extensive and detailed records of the various properties listed and sold and from which various reports and statistics may be created to help identify market trends and provide adequate information for decision-making. These reports and statistics provide the estate of more tools that make your work a more efficient and professional work.

Implementation of computational tools The presence of an MLS® database makes it easier for computer technology in the process of buying and selling a property. Therefore ACOBIR Real Estate Brokers that use MLS®, have access to maps, forms, automated emails, mailing listings, track leads of potential clients, scheduled appointments and related support tools that improve the quality and efficiency of their services.