MLS® Benefits

for Owners

Market exposure of your property MLS® is based on the collaboration of all Real Estate Agents to sell or rent a property. When you give your property information to an ACOBIR Real Estate Broker member, you can rest assured that it will be shared and that the entire Real estate community will work on getting a buyer or tenant. This will generate greater market exposure.

Representation of a Real Estate Broker and guarantee of a professional negotiation MLS® allows you to have an ACOBIR member Real Estate Broker ACOBIR, who will represent you and act on your behalf throughout the process that involves the sale or rent of your property. You make a deal with one ACOBIR Real Estate Broker, but have an entire association working at your service.

Reports and Statistics MLS® generates various reports and statistics that facilitate pricing a property. These reports identify and evaluate market trends, which will help in making decisions.

Database Reliable Sales Prices and Market Transparency MLS® generates a database of sale prices for properties which is used to evaluate the price the market is willing to pay for a property with similar characteristics. This provides transparency and market dynamism. You will rest assured that the sale price allocated to your property is the actual value the market is willing to pay for a similar property.