MLS® Benefits

for Real Estate Brokers

Transparency and Agility in Property Sales Since MLS® requires its users to report the price at which a property is sold, in a timely and accurate way, a property price historical is generated, becoming a tool to assess the value that the market is willing to pay for a similar property.

With the MLS® price historical, the market price being paid for a particular property can be easily monitored. This provides transparent market, since those properties whose price is higher than the market price will not be easily sold, forcing to correct it's price.

Market security is easier to achieve if sellers can easily determine the real value of their properties, and buyers can easily compare asking prices for similar properties.

Increases Business Opportunities The MLS® method formalizes the collaboration between members of the Association, committing them to work together in an orderly way and following an Ethics Code. Sharing a common inventory of properties will generate more business opportunities.

Assures the Commission MLS® publishes multiple listings, which guarantee, through a contractual obligation, the payment of a commission to the ACOBIR member Real Estate Broker who lists the property and to the ACOBIR Real Estate Broker who sells the property. This contractual obligation creates a win-win business model, which encourages realtors to cooperate among themselves, creating greater exposure to a property's market.